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Why I Was A Surrogate Mother

For the purposes of this discussion, each of these engages in the commidification of the reproductive agency and human reproduction by legally and socially justifying a condition in which this capacity may become fungible.

She may supply the egg, although gametes from commissioning parent s are preferable. These are actually the technologies employed in the process of surrogacy Hinman, I, however, look at surrogacy as having the same effect on a child as adoption.

IVF surrogacy, or total surrogacy is the procedure that receives the least criticism because the baby is in no way related to its carrier. The first issue would be whether or not the surrogate mother will be paid for her troubles, in almost all cases she is given some sort of fee, and in nearly every case her medical bills and living expenses are taken care of by the parents that will be raising the child.

He had not even understood what was different about my birth. Does surrogacy go against natural selection, and is the burden it will cause to the children, the parents, and the surrogate mother, worth it. Lastly, egg donation, would refer to the condition or process of maintaining a database for potential egg donors Canadian Surrogacy Options, Inc.

Essay/Term paper: Surrogate motherhood

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On the other hand, for those groups of people who strongly opposes the use such reproductive technology, claim that surrogacy is wrong for it connotes baby selling, reproductive organs are treated as a commodity, and so on and so forth.

Whether or not paid surrogacy is made illegal, she suggests that a surrogate mother retain the option of abiding by or canceling the contract up to the time she freely gives the child to the adopting couple.

There are times when being a surrogate mother is not good for the woman. There are agencies in states that have legalized surrogacy, and there are also online databases, such as www.

Legal situation of surrogacy explained

I have serious concerns about surrogacy as a business venture, especially where relationships between gestational mother and commissioning parents are minimised56 and money is encouraged as a motivating factor. The killing fields movie analysis essay critical movie review essays write good conclusion research paper.

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An Indian commercial surrogacy business claims to represent the best interests of all parties, but cites Indian law that the gestational mother cannot have the option of keeping the child.

Factors such as the growth of infertility in modern society, coupled with the declining number of children available for adoption, and the development of surrogacy contract and commercial surrogacy agencies inhave resulted in increasing publicity and public interest in the formation of agreements between infertile couples and surrogate mothers Stuhmcke, 3.

In some areas, there are even dormitories where surrogate mothers stay while they are pregnant.


If we have open minded public policy, and religious and community leaders who openly encourage acceptance of difference, the result will be more respect for diversity in society. It could also lead to a confusing and damaging situation to child once he or she discovers the nature of his or her birth.

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I am all for surrogate motherhood. The stereotype of the surrogate mother is a grieving woman who regrets her decision and tries to either stay strong without her baby, or who is trying to reclaim the child.

In this instance the number of research participants included 34 surrogacy families, 41 donor insemination families, 41 egg donation families and 67 families conceived through sexual intercourse.

However, even if she gives the child up initially, she has the legal right to claim it back for two years if she gave one of her eggs in the process. There are many controversies surrounding the idea of surrogate motherhood, by its definition, it is a course of action that goes outside natural reproduction.

She is very happy to have been born. Definition of terms I prefer the term gestational mother, not surrogate, as I do not see myself as a substitute for anything, but the term surrogate mother is widely used to denote a woman who gestates a child on behalf of someone else.

Likewise, it is also said that surrogacy does not necessarily have to be equated with money. This paper will discuss the pros and cons of surrogacy.

Surrogate motherhood occurs when a woman agrees to bear a child for another woman.

Surrogate Motherhood

Surrogacy became a controversial issue in with the "Baby M" case, in which Mary Beth Whitehead agreed to bear a child for Bill and Betsy Stern, an infertile couple.

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Discussing UK Surrogacy Payment Laws Question The law relating to surrogacy agreements is too restrictive and should be relaxed to allow for payments to surrogate mothers for providing such a service for couples who are unable to conceive.

Surrogate Motherhood essays Since surrogate motherhood was the only topic that "hit home" for me, I decided to explore it in this paper.

The medical and legal background on Surrogacy Webster's Medical Dictionary defines surrogate mother as "a woman who becomes pregnant, usuall.

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Essays Essays FlashCards Browse Essays. Sign in. Home Page; Essay about Surrogate Motherhood; Essay about Surrogate Motherhood or traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is impregnated with the sperm of the intended father by way of artificial insemination.

In these cases, the surrogate mother not only carries the child but is.

Essays on surrogate motherhood
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Why I Was A Surrogate Mother: 5 Women Share Their Stories