Prise rise of essential commodities essay

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Experience tells us the only impulse to which a majority of the business people in India respond is fear. The government should maintain this tempo. Short essay on rising prices of commodities in India Kavita Short essay on rising prices of commodities in India The rising prices of almost all the things including essential commodities have become a regular common feature now-a-days.

Short essay on rising prices of commodities in India

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Due to price rise, the purchase of essential commodities like pulses, rice, sugar or medicines etc is beyond the reach of one’s pocket. Not only the price is increased for the essential commodities, but also gasoline prices, crude oil prices, diesel prices are also rising high day by day i.e.

Rising energy prices. The only way in which they can be made to behave is strict enforcement of the laws on the statue book to keep the prices of essential commodities under check and harsh measures against hoarding and profiteering.

Prices Of Daily Essentials Rise Fig 1: Comparison of Prices of Daily Essential Commodity Fig 1: Comparison of Prices of Daily Essential Commodity Nepal’s economic future inevitably depends upon the growth of its agricultural sector.

Out of million populations, nearly 80% of population is employed directly or indirectly in this field. Upward trend of price rise of these daily essential goods, has led several economists to apply their theories attempting to explain the pricing behavior in essential goods market.

As shown in figure above we can see the price comparison of present market value with market price a month ago.

Prise rise of essential commodities essay
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General Awareness Topic for MBA aspirants :Rising prices of essential commodities in India